Is online cricket betting legal in India ?

It is estimated that the Indian online cricket betting market is worth at least $150 billion per year. One of the Indian teams better about $200 million on an ODI match. Hearing this, you are thinking, is online cricket betting legal in India?

Answer: Yes, online cricket betting is legal in India.

Explanation of Indian law

The central government of India has not imposed a total ban on online gambling in the country. Instead, the Constitution of 1950 declares that each state can enact its own gambling laws. Some states have now explicitly banned gambling, and gambling from these states continues at one’s own risk.

In fact, there are many states in India that do not have clear laws on whether online gambling is illegal, so this is a completely legal grey area at present.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867, enacted during British colonial rule, prohibits Indian citizens from gambling in public. However, there is no mention of the internet (it was not invented in 1867) and therefore online gambling sites do not apply.

Because of this, many offshore online casinos serve Indian players and are legal.

A legal and safe gambling site is one that is licensed

Three important bodies are the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission and Curacao eGaming. These internationally recognized bodies regularly audit and inspect their accredited sites to ensure fair treatment of players.

For the time being, online cricket betting is a legal area that is not illegal, but lacks proper consumer protection. However, until the national and state governments clarify any legislation, it is still possible to bet online legally and safely in India as long as you play at a safe and legal cricket betting site.

8 Online Cricket Betting common mistakes

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you will make mistakes at some point. In this article, we will discuss 8 common mistakes made when betting and try providing ways to fix them.

1. Not comparing the odds of different bookmakers

Probably the most common mistake people make is their odds. Although the odds offered by most betting sites are very close, there are actually some slight differences. For those who online cricket betting regularly, the accumulation of data over time can be the difference between your account being in the red or green. There are now websites dedicated to comparing the odds of the major bookmakers. Examples include and

2. Not taking advantage of available special offers

Gaming companies offer special offers or bonuses that can be claimed as long as the set conditions are met. For example, you may need to wager a certain amount to qualify, or the offer may only apply to certain options. Use the offer in conjunction with every online cricket betting to give yourself the chance to win more return money.

3. Not having a clear strategy

Before betting on cricket, always develop your own strategy first. Here are a few key questions that you should think about first.
How much of a loss are you willing to take?
Is the outcome reasonable in relation to the size of your bets?
Most importantly, where is the budget limit?

Don’t let yourself bet too easily and develop a strategy that won’t cost you much.

4. Not adhering to a budget and chasing losses

Betting without a budget cap is a very unhealthy habit. The reason for this is simple: when you can’t afford to lose, it can get you into a quagmire. It is advisable to set a budget every week or month to avoid overspending. As for chasing losses, bettors are doubling their bets and trying to win back the money they lost before. This was undoubtedly suicidal. This problem can be easily avoided by adhering to a strict budget, setting a spending limit and adjusting your state of mind.

5. Do not check the course and weather report

A point in evaluating the course report is the course – does it favor medium speed swinging pitchers or fast “slugger in the middle” pitchers? What is the respective performance of the two teams on the course? All needs to be evaluated. Weather is also a big factor; if the sun is out, the course may become more batting-friendly, and in a test match, this may cause the three-post gate to dry out and become spin-friendly for bowling on days 4 and 5.

6. Fraudulent

Avoid being lured by exaggerated marketing techniques, as most of those so-called “betting gurus” are illegitimate and have many loopholes.
Generally speaking, you are much more likely to lose money when gambling over time, so it is always safer to adopt any strategy that makes a small amount of money over time.

7. Irrational Betting

Online cricket betting should be a recreational activity and should not be considered your primary income. It is true that some people do make money from long-term gambling through strategies such as arbitrage, value betting and match betting, but these are the exceptions; people who pursue these opportunities usually spend a lot of time developing their strategies, taking considerable risks in the process.

8. No team news

Games are all about the performance of the players on both sides. It is essential to keep an eye on player and team news (especially injuries). failure to do so timely can easily lead to wrong strategies and betting mistakes.


When it comes to betting, India is clearly a huge market, especially for cricket and football. For the sports lovers and sports betting enthusiasts who want to know how to bet on cricket and win, here is an introduction to Indian cricket and enough information about betting, reading for the best experience in online cricket betting .

Cricket has always been a popular sport in India, but many people don’t know where to start when it comes to “cricket betting,” here we will take you step by step to understand the world of online cricket betting!

Table of Contents


Betting on cricket is actually not difficult, just remember a few points.

  1. Safety and reliability
  2. Reasonable odds
  3. Payment methods
  4. Customer service
  5. Have fun

Of course, this is not the whole story. The five suggestions above are the basic judgments for choosing a good bookmaker. Betting involves accumulating experience to really improve the odds of winning.

Cricket Introduction


Cricket is a sport similar to baseball and softball, where the batsman hits a ball thrown by the pitcher and tries to score, rather than run away.

Both teams have 11 players each (9 in baseball). There are only two bases in cricket (4 in baseball). In the middle of the field, sixty-six feet apart, called the wicket, all the movement is between the two wickets; the ball can be hit in the front, or in the back. . .or in any direction. Instead of rotating nine innings per team, each team completes all batting in one inning. In the end, the team with the most points wins the game.


Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football and is most popular in India, England, Australia, South Africa and more. The competition is worldwide.

The gaming market in India is huge, All forms of gambling and gambling-related activities are prohibited under the Public Gambling Act 1867. The law even makes it illegal to visit facilities that offer gambling services. but so far, there is no clear legislation making it illegal. Horse racing and sports betting have been popular in India for a long time and are very popular among the people.

In this regard, the central government has stated that it is illegal to gamble on any game of chance nationwide, so you will not find any local betting sites in India.

At this time, you will ask, then I choose foreign bookmakers to bet, they all have websites in India, is this possible?

Rest assured, while it’s unofficially legal, it’s not illegal either. In fact, this is a gray area.

From this, we can infer that online cricket betting in India is beyond the norm of the law and therefore not prohibited.

Now Indian states also have their own laws to regulate all kinds of gaming activities, such as:

Games of skill are legal in Karnataka and Maharashtra, while games of chance are banned.

In several other states, including Tamil Nadu, there is no legislation to ban or legalize online gambling. Therefore, they will not be prosecuted for criminal offenses.

West Bengal is poker India’s hub. Under the West Bengal Prize Competition and Gambling Act of 1957, it is explicitly referred to as a “game of skill.”

How do I start betting on cricket?

With the above knowledge about Indian cricket and betting, I believe you are ready to start your first betting.

Here we will guide you through the key points you should keep in mind, whether you are a veteran or a novice, following these steps will save you a lot of trouble and effectively improve your chances of betting success.

How do I start betting on cricket?

Understand the Basics of the Game

Regardless of the sport, understanding how the game works from the ground up is an essential step. Several factors affect the betting:

  • Format
Three formats in which cricket is played:
Test: Test cricket is the oldest format where the teams compete in a five-day match. It is the truest form of cricket and tests the endurance of the teams to the fullest.
ODI: One-day international or ODI is a limited over match comprising 50 overs an innings, played in a single day. Unlike test matches, where the game ends before the evening sets in, ODI matches are played during the day and the night.
T20: T20 is the shortest cricket format. The format has only twenty overs in an innings and was only recently launched in 2003.
  • H2H (head-to-head)Records

H2H (head-to-head) Records show how many games have been played between teams and how many games have been won by each team. Watching this type of data can give you a clear idea of how your team has performed in the past, so you can plan your betting strategy.

  • Team Players

In addition to understanding the past performance of the team, the batter and pitcher data is are factors that affect the game and knowing the team members will definitely help to better predict the game and place bets. Remember! Don’t shoot in the dark!

  • Pitch

If it’s a black clay pitch, it helps bowlers, especially spinners.
If it is a grass pitch, it is good for walkers and batters; for walkers, because grass can improve the bounce and speed of the ball; for batters can use the bounce to break some boundaries, which is conducive to good results.

How Much Money Can You Risk?

Set a Limit

Never rely on gambling as your main source of income. Setting a limit on the amount of betting will allow you to enjoy the betting experience more without worrying that losing will affect your normal life.

Most of the premium online cricket betting sites in India allow bettors to enter betting limits in their wallets to prevent the above from happening, as per the authority’s customer safety regulations.

Choose the right bookmaker

It is necessary to choose a legal bookmaker, after all, no one wants to win money but not get the money they deserve because of the black bookmaker.

You must consider the following 4 factors to help you avoid those “rats”

legally registered: Always check if it is a legally registered site and is affiliated with the Gambling Commission, an unregistered betting site may close at any time as is irresponsible to you.
Secure and Convenient Payment: Check which payment methods the bookmaker offers you to choose from, and to ensure sure the payment is secure, you can check if the website has an SSL certificate (https) and follow an encryption protocol when processing the payment, if not then be careful.
Variety of Betting Markets: Quality betting sites usually offer various markets to choose from, ensuring that you have more chances to win.
Customer Support: Betting sites that don’t offer 24/7 customer support can leave early, and you don’t want to have a problem betting without someone to assist you.

Place Bets

After choosing the right betting site, the next step is to bet. Oh! Remember to select the odds first because it’s the pick rate of how much bonus you end up getting.

Remember to always limit the amount you bet, betting blindly is an unhealthy habit.

Don’t miss out on betting offers

It doesn’t matter whether you bet from India, UK, USA, Australia, or any other country. When you just enter the betting website and complete the registration, there will be the first deposit promotions or regularly updated website promotions.

Of course, the free bet is definitely a bonus. Never miss them!

Recommended best betting sites and apps

The Indian market is particularly huge, and many bookmakers are committed to providing the best service to Indian players. Having covered many things to know about betting, now I will tell you which betting sites are legal and reliable in India.

10CRIC: Only open to Indian players
Parimatch : Huge offers and bonuses
Betway : The best odds in the market
Deltin7: American authority recognized and highly reliable
Leon : 15 years of experience and a new entrant in India
1xBet : offer cash on delivery
Dafabet: Swap betting allowed

Listed above are the top betting sites we have researched. You can try the appearance and experience of each site. There is no absolute good or bad, everything is based on your preference.

If you are a newbie, we recommend 10CRIC, they are completely Indian sites, very friendly to Indian players, and they can be solved instantly when you encounter problems. Also, we would like to mention DELTIN7 in particular, also targeting Indian players, their service is more reliable and secure.

If you are a veteran, congratulations! you are free to choose your favorite site to bet. Of course, if you have your own preferred website that is not on our list, you are welcome to communicate with us!

Recommended best betting apps

India has a huge cell phone market. Both cell phones and tablets can be used to place bets through betting apps. Fortunately, many of the best betting apps are available for iOS and Android, so all you must do manually install the apk and you can start betting, so you can pick up your phone and enjoy betting wherever you go.

The advantages of using an app for betting

  • More immediate start of betting
  • Faster deposits
  • High flexibility

Disadvantages of installing the apk and betting

  • Need to check for updates regularly as upgrades are not instant
  • Some website features may not be available in the app. For example, live streaming

What are of the best betting apps
Deltin7 sport

Features Every Best Bet App Should Have
Payment in rupees
Wide variety of games
Uniform betting odds
Bonuses and promotions
App-specific features

To sum up the above, it is really not difficult to start your betting journey, and the more instant and convenient app is your best choice.

Cricket betting summary

India is a populous country and betting has traditionally been a national entertainment. With the rise of horse racing, lotteries and online cricket betting, gambling culture has become an important part of Indians. Now that you know how to start betting on cricket online, sign up with a reputable bookmaker and start your betting journey!

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